Our Team


@hairbender_m    | marissa@mosshairco.com

@hairbender_m | marissa@mosshairco.com

Marissa Bender | Co-Owner, Educator

An artist at heart, Marissa’s passion for hair comes from her background in dance and fine arts, as well as growing up in her Grandfathers salon.  Her commitment to the creative process is unmatched. As a Balayage & Color Corrections specialist, she focuses on collaboration and strives to showcase each guests individuality through a balance of cut and color, creating “one of a kind” looks that grow out effortlessly. 

@ross_schultz    | ross@mosshairco.com

@ross_schultz | ross@mosshairco.com

Ross Schultz | Co-Owner, Educator

Ross has had a passion for hair for as long he can remember. With a focus on education and a low maintenance approach, he creates haircuts and styles with texture & movement to provide a more "lived in" look. He has an eye for detail and takes pride in his ability to listen & create personalized looks for everyone who sits in his chair, giving them a great experience every step of the way. Ross is currently accepting new haircut clients only.

@meagan_eggert    | meagan@mosshairco.com

@meagan_eggert | meagan@mosshairco.com

Meagan Eggert

Meagan is inspired by beauty all around her. Her passion is to portray that beauty into hair. With an appreciation for effortless, wearable looks for all hair textures and lengths, she continually develops her skills to balance structure, add texture and create movement through cut, color, and extensions. She developed her foundation and love of natural/sustainable products at the Aveda Institute in her home-state of Michigan.  As her career moves forward, Meagan’s focus is creating “laid back, beautiful hair” for each client.

@lanegrimes   | lane@mosshairco.com

@lanegrimes | lane@mosshairco.com

Lane Grimes

Determined to pursue a creative career,  Lane moved to Columbus from his small home town to attend the Aveda Institute in 2016. Upon graduating, he became an Assistant Stylist at Moss, and has recently started accepting his own guests.  Lane’s inspiration as a stylist comes from his passion for music and photography. He has a relaxed vibe and enjoys creating natural looks that compliment his guest’s face-shape, style, and personality.  

@sara_albertson    | sara@mosshairco.com

@sara_albertson | sara@mosshairco.com

Sara Albertson | Apprentice

Even as a young girl, Sara was inspired by all things hair and makeup. She soon realized that she also loved connecting with people and making them feel great about themselves - so she decided to make it her career. In 2017 she graduated from the Aveda Institute Columbus, and came to Moss about a year after graduation. Sara’s focus is perfecting the style and finishing touches for everyone who sits in her chair. 

@saintsorsexaddictts    | kate@mosshairco.com

@saintsorsexaddictts | kate@mosshairco.com

Kate McCliment

Kate has a unique perspective and is well versed in the language of hair. From behind-the-chair as a stylist, to in-front-of the classroom as cosmetology instructor, Kate became a well-rounded professional first in her home state of Ohio, then in Michigan, and back again. Not merely an on-trend hair stylist, she is a trendsetter.  Passionate in extensions, precision haircuts and color.  Ever willing to take risks in the name of art and creativity, Kate's goal is to exceed client expectations. 

@cortshulz   |cortney@mosshairco.com

@cortshulz |cortney@mosshairco.com

Cortney Schultz

Cortney graduated from Paul Mitchell The School Cleveland in 2014. Upon her relocation to Columbus, she spent her first year with the salon completely focused on her education. As one of our bridal specialists, she is also passionate about creating the perfect blow dry and style to compliment your color and cut for every day wear. Cortney's goal is to spend quality time with her guests giving them a laid back experience to go along with their beautiful hair.